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Office leadership must address COVID-19 concerns with custom disinfecting services

Clear reporting ensures that the agreed-upon work is being delivered instead of excuses. 

With SG360's unique, systemized approach to cleaning and disinfecting, this office complex customer was able to:

  • Easily understand the work being done through transparent reporting
  • Meet shifting health and workspace demands with customizable solutions
  • Make occupants feel safe with consistent disinfections done by trained W2 employees
  • Focus on their business instead of managing their cleaning service

SG360 has 25 years of experience in providing safe environments for commercial and industrial sites, schools, universities, health care facilities, and special-use facilities. With branch offices throughout the Midwest and Southeast, we live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged.

Learn how an office complex worked with SG360 to address COVID-19 concerns